Tire Recycling

Sponsored by Midland Recyclers and Midland County Mosquito Control.

Scrap tires create several issues. They are an environmental concern, a troublesome breeding ground for mosquito larvae and an eyesore. Midland County Mosquito Control and Midland Recyclers have sponsored tire drives to help Midland County residents properly dispose of tires.

Help prevent mosquitoes in tires by:

  • Keeping tires indoors
  • Cover tires with a tarp
  • Dispose of tires without rims or with sidewalls unsealed from the rims
  • Call Mosquito Control to request treatment
  • If your township/organization is interested in conducting a neighborhood cleanup, contact us or call (989) 631-1668.

Year round tire collection location

The vendors listed below offer year round tire collection services for a small collection fee.

CM Rubber
4711 Pere Marquette, Coleman
(989) 465-0200

tire recycling