About Us

The Midland Recyclers organization operates the Midland Recycling Center located in front of the Municipal Landfill located on East Ashman in Midland between Waldo and Rockwell Roads. In addition to operating the recycling center, Midland Recyclers is very active in the community through environmental education and participation in a variety of community events.

Midland Recyclers Mission:

We inspire the community to make a positive impact on the environment by providing the means and know how to reuse and recycle. [/two_third]

Board of Directors

Robin Hamann, President

Matt Shoffner, Treasurer

Kerri Simmons, Secretary

Theron Brayman

Dalene Manges


Member Organizations

Michigan Recycling Coalition Midland Area Chamber of Commerce

Zonta International




Executive Director
Esther Williams
Process Area Lead    Randall Speary 
Truck Driver Tyler Miller
Process Area Assistant Travis Synder
Volunteer Education Coordinator Tara Smith